Using Javascript inside a bookmarklet to skip ads on Freevee

… how to block ads on Freevee

If you have watched things on Freevee before, you would’ve noticed it has quite a few long ads throughout.

Thankfully it’s easy enough to skip over them in any Chromium browser (I use Brave). Probably the same for Firefox.

Simply add a new bookmark, and put whatever as the title like Skip Freevee Ads


For the URL enter the following:

note this code is long (not wrapped), so make sure you select all then copy

javascript:setInterval((()=>{var e=document.querySelectorAll('div[class*=%22atvwebplayersdk-adtimeindicator-text%22]');if(e[0]&&e[0].innerText.length>2){var t=e[0].innerText;t=t.match(/\d* sec/g)[0].replace(%22sec%22,%22%22).trim(),document.getElementsByTagName(%22video%22)[1].currentTime=document.getElementsByTagName(%22video%22)[1].currentTime+parseInt(t)+1}}),2e3);

When you have whatever you’re watching open simply click the bookmarklet button and it’ll skip every ad break, and the bookmarklet only needs to be clicked once. 🙈


Enjoy! 🎉