CodeCraft Dunedin

Hi all,

I know I haven’t been particularly active in blogging however I must tell you about CodeCraft Dunedin.

Anyone is allowed to come along to the talks, no matter who you are or what you are (I mean, puppies are pretty awesome). Senior developers, junior developers or even people who are studying for their compsci degree or similar.

We want to create a place where anyone in the world can see these talks and tutorials because they are full of amazing information and it should be documented and that’s exactly what the CodeCraft website is for.

It’s still under construction and so on, but check it out:

Ian Rees managed to create a really awesome article on Modern Embedded Debugging “Show-and-tell”

Check it out here:

I hope to continue helping CodeCraft and I really do want to expand the audience and if we can reach the far corners of the world, then you’ll know that Dunedin really is the best city in the entire world. 😇